Record Bulletin

Record Bulletin, 10/26

One’s the Boss, the Other’s Unemployed Ever since Occupy there’s been plenty of 99-percenter representation in popular music. Charming as it can be, too much is too obvious, tacking on unnecessary anti-religion, anti-consumerist, or anti-anti taglines the way Tea Partiers descended from distraught conservatives with legitimate grievances to kooks railing a non-existent theory of socialism … Continue reading

Record Bulletin

Record Bulletin, 10/19

Super Producers Much is being made of Steve Albini’s involvement in Cloud Nothings’ newest LP, though as it’s well-documented, his involvement usually amounts to setting up a few microphones and hitting ‘record’. A lot of talk, too, about Nigel Godrich’s newest release, mostly because it’s him and less because there’s music. Important as these individuals … Continue reading


Two Turks, a Brit, and an American Walk Into a Spar

Free Thought, Mild Criticism, and Reflexive State Media 1. “At that time [in 2006, after the Dutch cartoonists’ row]—already concerned about the rise of ‘anti-immigrant,’ ‘Islamophobic’ and ‘racist’ rhetoric in Europe—Turkish diplomats tried to raise awareness of this issue. They simply tried to convey the message that there should not be a hierarchical relationship between … Continue reading