Record Bulletin

Record Bulletin, 11/27


Will get at least one more Record Bulletin in before the end of the week, as well as (hopefully) a short piece partially in response to Andrew Nosnitsky’s excellent article “Classic Material” found in his “Hall of Game” series on Pitchfork. Might also try to sneak in a political piece and/or some interesting literary links. We’ll see. In the meantime, please enjoy the sheer pleasure that is Serengeti, a rapper not of the utmost technical capabilities but a funny fellow nonetheless whose character portraits are as vivid as any other renowned hip-hop storyteller.

SERENGETI – C.A.R. (Anticon): David Cohn aka Serengeti aka Kenny Dennis tells the story of fictional versions of himself, an aging rapper who fears the glory days have passed him by to neglectful husbands wondering where their wives have been. So what’s Geti’s life like? “Quick, let me get drunk as fast as I can / So I can go to sleep and pretend to be a different man.” “I’m getting older so I hang around MILFs.” “Enter your thirties, still wearing jerseys.” A twelve-year-old Peeping Tom armed with a Canon who gets his shoulder busted by the girl’s brother, a hospital patient who finds his wife had been diddling his uncle and awakens to hear both have been shot, and produced once again by the irreplaceable Odd Nosdam, Geti’s pessimism may not be as fun as the caricature Kenny Dennis, but it’s never overwrought and self-deprecating enough to ride the line of humorous and kinda sad. A MINUS

SERENGETI – Kenny Dennis EP (Anticon): In which the beer-guzzling, sports-loving Chicagoan sticks up for Steve Bartman, recalls his fictional Grimm Teachin’ dayz, and offhandedly rips Shaq’s acting ventures for insulting his mustache almost twenty years ago. A follow-up to 2006’s Dennehy and an afternote in light of the newly-unearthed There’s a Situation On the Homefront, Serengeti’s fictional fried food fanatic is backed by Odd Nosdam’s lo-fi funk ‘n gunk samples. Funny, whimsical, and skillfully done, these seventeen minutes further develop one of underground hip-hop’s more interesting aliases. A MINUS


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