Music Musings


It’s been a solid week since I’ve posted anything, and there are several reasons for that. I’m no less interested in writing about music, but since both Rhapsody and Spotify refuse to service my streaming needs in Istanbul I’m left to downloading, something that’s tedious, time-consuming, and hardly worth it. When I was streaming I could pick off at least ten to twenty new albums a week and sort out whether or not it was something I wanted to listen to again. If it was, I’d stream it once more and determine whether to download it for more serious consideration. But now, if I want to hear an album—any album—I have to find a proper torrent and proceed from there. And as much as I love music, the prospect of downloading twenty-odd albums a week is less than appealing. To top it off, I often can’t find the things I want: I don’t know what  the hell Jenny Lewis and her band have done, by I’m somehow completely unable to find a download of Rilo Kiley’s new comp Rkives, which I was able to stream once from Pitchfork but never heard again. Same goes with some other very well-received records I want to hear. So it’s a bit depressing and I’ve been focusing my energies elsewhere. Perhaps this weekend or early next week I’ll jump back on it, as I do have a few albums in store that are A-grade, and maybe I’ll dive into those artist overviews I kept telling myself I’d do. Such is life as I see it.


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