Record Bulletin

Record Bulletin, 11/1: Parquet Courts and Veronica Falls

EPic Extended Players

A bit disgusted with myself for how little I’m contributing here. I’ve been focusing my energy elsewhere, namely work and other writing projects. With only two months before the year’s out, I get the feeling I won’t be able to post too much, but a bevy of recent releases that have excited me (Omar Souleyman, Four Tet, Arcade Fire, Eminem, M.I.A.) has rekindled my desire to write about music. I still blame work stuff for getting in the way, but it also didn’t help that I was less than enthused about most of the rock and hip-hop (particularly the hip-hop) coming my way in the late summer. Of the major releases I haven’t written about (Kanye West is a glaring omission), very few interest me if at all. Have a bunch of records on the backburner, and since I’ve little incentive to revisit them, I’ll probably do a dump soon.

Parquet-Courts-Tally-All-The-Things-That-You-Broke-608x608PARQUET COURTS – Tally All the Things That You Broke (What’s Your Rupture? EP): Light Up Gold follow-up EP. Killer opener—“You’ve Got Me Wondering Now”—features a surf riff on speed and chorus-only recorder, no less. Five songs, a few on the long side for punk hearts, but overall another enjoyable excursion into their leftist politics and stoner yarns, topped off with desert groove “He’s Seeing Paths,” the best Beck impression I’ve heard. A MINUS

vf_covers_2013VERONICA FALLS – Six Covers, Vol. 2 (Bandcamp download): Strong as the temptation is for some to compare covers with originals, I’ve never felt that urge since for me the question isn’t whether or not the redos measure up with the firsts, but whether they measures up at all. And they do. The slim, sixteen-minute set of six eclectic selections—from Dylan to Ween to Cocksparrer—converts nicely in Veronica Falls’ stripped-down atmosphere. And as a note, I find the disparaging of covers an odd practice; how do you think all those folkies and Brit invasion bands got their start? Original material? A MINUS


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