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Record Bulletin/Jazz Notes, 9/20: Cyrus Chestnut and Stein Urheim

Breakfast Fodder I could listen to jazz any time of the day, but I especially enjoy it in the morning. Nothing too detailed about either of these albums, because, as is to be expected, I’ve no idea how to write about jazz. Should take a class or something. CYRUS CHESTNUT – Midnight Melodies (Smoke Sessions): … Continue reading


Film Roundup: Shit You Already Forgot About

’11-’13 A bunch of blockbusters here, and even a couple of the smaller films still had wide releases. Probably It’s a Disaster is the only unknown. Coincidentally, it’s the only film of these six I wouldn’t recommend. Sure, I’m a bit down on Gatsby and Moonrise, but they’re not bad. Well, Gatsby is kinda bad. Yeah, nevermind. I wouldn’t recommend that POS, … Continue reading