Jazz Notes / Record Bulletin

Record Bulletin/Jazz Notes, 9/20: Cyrus Chestnut and Stein Urheim

Breakfast Fodder

I could listen to jazz any time of the day, but I especially enjoy it in the morning. Nothing too detailed about either of these albums, because, as is to be expected, I’ve no idea how to write about jazz. Should take a class or something.

cyrus chestnutCYRUS CHESTNUT – Midnight Melodies (Smoke Sessions): American pianist with Curtis Lundy (bass) and Victor Lewis (drums) for his first recorded live session at the Smoke Jazz & Supper Club. Light bebop, reminds me of Red Garland, covers Coltrane (“Giant Steps”), rarely turns up the heat, and yet still probably the most enjoyable of the new Smoke Sessions releases I’ve heard. Melodic, even-handed, and solid start to finish. A MINUS

stein-urheim-stein-urheim-20140303005657STEIN URHEIM – Stein Urheim (Hubro): Norwegian jazz guitarist’s fourth, a beautiful blend of American and African blues, Scandinavian folk, neo-classical and general lite-jazz noodling. Urheim plays no fewer than ten instruments, most stringed and all from different corners of the world—Chinese gu qin, Norwegian langeleik, Andean charango. Five original compositions, the best of which is the 11-minute “After the Festival,” a rolling, time signature-shifting survey of the region’s folk traditions Yet another great product of Hubro, a label which must insist its artists choose the worst album art possible. A MINUS


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