Record Bulletin

Record Bulletin, 2/5: James Murphy and Percussions

Beep Beep Boop or Beep Boop Beep?

Been doing plenty of listening (sort of), but haven’t found a whole lot worth exploring. Also doesn’t help that a lot of my favorite resources for new music have been dry—but that’s what happens early in the year.

jamesmurphJAMES MURPHY – Remixes Made With Tennis Data (Soundcloud): Former LCD Soundsystem frontman teamed with IBM to make music out of tennis data last summer, and though I heard a little of it then, I didn’t hear enough to notice any discernable similarities between the originals and these 80 minutes of electro-squiggles. Only thing in Murphy’s catalog it recalls is 45:33, the extended workout track he arranged for Sony, only because both are comprised of more computer craftwork than LCD’s live instrumentation. Recommended for people who imagine their dusty NES as music box. B PLUS (***)

percussions four tetPERCUSSIONS – 2011 Until 2014 (Bandcamp download): Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet compiles 12” singles released under his other pseudonym Percussions. He’s come a long way from the easier-riding Rounds and has worked his way into a flurry of furious rhythms that aren’t interested in any structure other than go-go-go. Sure, these aren’t the extended supercuts of Pink, and they feel a bit richer than Beautiful Rewind, but as nice as his laser synths can be, I much prefer the free-flowing comp 0181 or Everything’s Ecstatic. B PLUS (*)


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