Record Bulletin

Record Bulletin, 3/6: Aphex Twin and Thom Yorke & Robert Del Naja

No Words Allowed

I’ve been busy with a bunch of things the last couple weeks, so while I’ve been taking notes, I haven’t had the chance to sit down with a few albums I’m really enjoying to figure out just what about them gets me rocking. So here’s a half-tossed-off review of a few guys I like all right.

aphex twin computer controlledAPHEX TWIN – Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 (Warp EP): Everyone shit their collective pants when His Majesty of Electro Everything Richard James released an Aphex Twin album unannounced—a token item missing for thirteen years—and rightfully so, because even if it personally wasn’t my jam, I understand how its technical dexterity gets you off. But to turn around and now piss yourself because James has offered up ~28 mins of what are essentially leftovers—thank you, Lord Rich, for the enlightening and structurally genius, eight-second “Disk Aud1_12”!—is a bit excessive and downright masturbatory. Nevertheless, my plebian ears prefer this slower, more open exercise in restraint, where James has gaps between beats and lets them resonate in the empty space. Let us now praise famous Dicks. B PLUS (***)

The-UK-Gold-soundtrackTHOM YORKE & ROBERT DEL NAJA – The UK Gold (Soundcloud): Whether you’re a fan of Radiohead’s Yorke or Massive Attack’s Del Naja or both, here’s a fun game to play over the course of thirty minutes: take a guess as to who composed each song, knowing that of the twelve tunes writing credits are split down the middle, taking a shot whenever you fuck up. Had I done this, I might’ve been drunk by the end—Yorke and Greenwood’s contributions are easy enough to spot (esp. bc of vocals on “Pin Loon Break Up” or borrowed “A Brain in a Bottle” opening on “Mono Jam One”), but so similar are Del Naja’s compositions I was well ready to think everything here Radiohead laptop fuckery. Not much fully realized, more like sketches to fill in later, but I’ll tuck this documentary soundtrack away with the rest of my audial wallpaper collection. B PLUS (***)


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