Record Bulletin

Record Bulletin, 4/29: The Magic Words – “The Day We Ran Away” and The Mountain Goats – “Beat the Champ”

All Relatively Quiet On the Indie Front Last entry before I’m off. I have a few rough pieces on Wu-Tang’s single-copy album, police violence, Charlie Hebdo and the controversy concerning the PEN award, and some projects concerning top ten lists. Don’t know when I’ll post any of them. THE MAGIC WORDS – The Day We … Continue reading

Record Bulletin

Record Bulletin, 4/27: Kendrick Lamar – “To Pimp a Butterfly” and Earl Sweatshirt – “I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside”

To Shit a Mockingbird Lotsa talk about these two albums—one supposedly already a classic and the other a classic buried by the first. But I know almost nothing about hip-hop, so I’ll leave that up to the cultural arbiters and the underground hip-hop heads who think the best stuff is stuff you’ve never heard. Also, … Continue reading

Record Bulletin

Record Bulletin, 4/17: Parquet Courts – “Live at Third Man Records” and Quarterbacks – “Quarterbacks”

Everybody Talk Shit Unloading more because I don’t know what to say about the albums I really like and hate writing exactly why I hate other stuff—I’m looking at you, Father John Misty. PARQUET COURTS – Live at Third Man Records (Third Man): Second-tier set by first-rate band, my problem isn’t the performance but the … Continue reading

Record Bulletin

Record Bulletin, 4/16: Ghostface Killah & BadBadNotGood – “Sour Soul” and Rae Sremmurd – “SremmLife”

Upped Like Chumps A week now without an update. Writing here and there, but obviously not enough. Don’t know exactly what I’ve been busy with, but it certainly feels like it’s hard finding time to get stuff done. Probably spending too much time worrying about it. GHOSTFACE KILLAH & BADBADNOTGOOD – Sour Soul (Lex): Ghostface … Continue reading

Record Bulletin

Record Bulletin, 4/9: Mourn – “Mourn” and The Paranoid Style – “Rock & Roll Just Can’t Recall”

Twisted History of the Right Wing Though mentioned below (and mentioned in this bit on conspiracy theorists I wrote last year), I want again to draw attention to Richard Hofstadter’s “The Paranoid Style in American Politics,” an era-defining essay whose relevance has not wavered at all. His importance and skill as an historian might be … Continue reading

Record Bulletin

Record Bulletin, 4/7: Action Bronson – “Mr. Wonderful” and Heems – “Eat, Pray, Thug”

Hubba Hubba First rap review of the year. Haven’t made up my mind about Kendrick Lamar, and to be honest anyone claiming they have is lying. A whole lot to parse there, not to mention there’s nothing immediately appealing music-wise—no club bangers with maybe “King Kunta” as an exception—though that’s not to say it’s without … Continue reading

From the Vaults

From the Vaults: Blind Faith – “Blind Faith” and Derek & the Dominos – “Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs”

Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad? Haven’t done one of these in a few years. Amazing just how sad Clapton’s early career was (if you can think of it that way)—a man wanting to perform but trying to evade the stardom, deaths of several good friends, a love affair that crumbled, bands that … Continue reading