Record Bulletin

Record Bulletin, 4/17: Parquet Courts – “Live at Third Man Records” and Quarterbacks – “Quarterbacks”

Everybody Talk Shit

Unloading more because I don’t know what to say about the albums I really like and hate writing exactly why I hate other stuff—I’m looking at you, Father John Misty.

parquet courts live at third man recordsPARQUET COURTS – Live at Third Man Records (Third Man): Second-tier set by first-rate band, my problem isn’t the performance but the length of the more questionable song choices. On a forty-six minute album, eighteen are divided between “Instant Disassembly” (8:08) and “Raw Milk” (10:07), both long, slow jams, the first one at least having a bearable stoner loop, the second not so much. Two more are a mere minute (“Vienna II” and “Into the Garden”), leaving twenty-six minutes split among seven songs, and those are sharp and precise, though Andrew Savage’s voice is far harsher live than it is in-studio. Not surprising, but harder to put up with. B PLUS (***)

quarterbacksQUARTERBACKS – Quarterbacks (Team Love): Nineteen songs, the longest at 1:39, a set of rapid-fire ruminations on awkward college-age romance by guys who were never football stars in high school. They seem like nice kids though veer a little too close to ‘nice guys’ for my liking. And they knock out several snappy numbers, only problem is that the length-to-tracks ratio is so skewed that distinguishing between songs gets pretty difficult. ‘Specially when your material is all “I like girls I like girls I like girls I like girls.” B PLUS (*)


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