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Record Bulletin, 6/26: Leon Bridges – “Coming Home” and Low Cut Connie – “Hi Honey”

Retroactivity I actually wound up writing quite a bit about Leon Bridges, stuff that was far more abstract, before distilling it to the simple entry before. Conversely, Low Cut Connie also copy their sound, but they remembered something: hooks. LEON BRIDGES – Coming Home (Columbia): It’s funny Bridges should save his best song, “River,” for … Continue reading


No, You Idiots, More Guns Won’t Help

Unsurprisingly, pro-gun conservatives have already suggested that the tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina could have been averted had the entire congregation been armed. Besides advocating that we live in a world where we’re constantly on alert for fear of being murdered at any moment, conservatives never seem to talk about the completely plausible situations in … Continue reading

Record Bulletin

Record Bulletin, 6/16: Holly Herndon – “Platform” and Jamie xx – “In Colour”

Ain’t No Party Like a Alt-Electronica Party ‘Cuz an Alt-Electronica Party’s So Unfashionable Finally caved to Jamie xx’s In Colour. Nice album, but as I’ll post in the next day or two, I’m not feeling 2015. I keep finding myself wanting to go back to last year’s albums, and every week when the next batch of New … Continue reading

Record Bulletin

Record Bulletin, 6/13: Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba – “Ba Power” and Tal National – “Zoy Zoy”

Fighting the Good Fight I can’t imagine what it must be like to live in a country war-torn and fractured by Islamic extremists. Then again, I do live in Turkey. Still, both these bands are in harsh conditions (despite Kouyate recording safely abroad) and continue to spread what the world needs. You know what it … Continue reading