Also, Benghazi

hillary clinton benghazi

So the whole Benghazi debacle is over. Hopefully. I’d like to have faith that my fellow Americans will see this as the admitted partisan attack it is, and I’m sure a great many do, but remember that if you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.

That’s what Trey Gowdy’s hearing did. It doesn’t matter that he admitted to learning absolutely nothing new after eight hours of Clinton’s testimony. This inquiry will not damage the image of the GOP—nothing ever seems to—and will instead do exactly what it was designed to do: instill in people’s minds that Hillary is guilty, no matter what.

Not that I thought anyone who frequents and comments on these websites might change their mind, but you’d hope they’d be able to acknowledge objective reality. Take a look at these opinion pieces and browse the comments if you’re a masochist:

I probably wouldn’t be so incensed at the intensity of this probing if 1) it hadn’t been so blatantly politically motivated and 2) the right couldn’t willingly ignore that no inquiries of similar scrutiny and media attention were leveled at George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld or Colin Powell (among a million others I could name) for lying to the American people, to Congress, and the United Nations in order to start a war in Iraq that claimed the lives of thousands of American soldiers, hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent Iraqis, cost trillions, and helped create the power vacuum that allowed the ascendancy of ISIS. At best they’ll say Iraq was a “mistake,” and will conclude through an incredible display of cognitive dissonance that no charges need be brought against them. But for many, mention it and they’ll wave you off right back, as Jeb! Bush did, to Clinton and Obama. Try it. I dare you.


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