Record Bulletin

M. Ward – “More Rain” Review

M.Ward-More-RainM. WARD – More Rain (Merge): Ward lacks the pipes to be a rhythmic bluesman and the geographical background to be a storytelling folkie—he’s stuck with a boring baritone and hails from hipsterland Portland, Oregon—but on his eighth he finally figures out that pumping up the music around him masks those drawbacks so long as he keeps a quick tempo. But after a series of relatively speedy numbers climaxing with the synthy “Girl from Conejo Valley” he throws in a few slow-burners, what he wishes we’d think is his stock-in-trade, with a song called, and I’m not kidding, “Slow Driving Man.” The chorus? “This is a song about a sloooooow driiiiiive.” B PLUS (**)


She & Him – Classics (Columbia ’15): B PLUS (*)
She & Him – Volume Three (Merge ’13): B PLUS (**)
M. Ward – A Wasteland Companion (Merge ’12): B PLUS (***)


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