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Hard Working Americans, Hinds, and Mourn – Reviews

hard working americans rest in chaosHARD WORKING AMERICANS – Rest in Chaos (Melvin): I guess the decision to muscle up the production stems from the realization that Todd Snider’s throat is on its way out. So whiskey-weathered and cigarette-tattered is his croak that he’s barely able to muster more than a whisper, which significantly weakens the punch this alt-country ‘n blues band ought to be able to pack. That makes the decision to add on a few more tracks than the debut had and to make all those tracks longer a strange one to say the least. (“Dope is Dope”) B PLUS (*)

hinds-leave-me-aloneHINDS – Leave Me Alone (Mom + Pop): Sloppy by accident, not by conscious choice like so many garage rock bands. Still, these young Barcelonan women—kind of the anti-Mourn—think sloppiness is okay, so I doubt they have any intention of improving. Neither of the lead vocalists can sing all that well (which may just be a product of adolescence), and their lyrics are rarely more than teenage romantic troubles, which is probably why they so often sing over each other. I like their casual rock licks because they remind me of Jonathan Richman—not terribly funny but certainly trying, with a few decent tracks now and then. And I’ll bet they’re fucking terrible live. (“Garden”) B PLUS (*)

mourn_-_ha__ha__he_600_600MOURN – Ha Ha He (Captured Tracks): How hopes are quickly dashed. Not only have these Barcelonans retreated from the punk threads they feverishly sewed on their debut into something more akin to prog, they’ve stopped telling boys to go fuck themselves in favor of pretending that they might actually have something novel to say about love. Spoiler: they don’t. (“President Bullshit”) B PLUS (*)


Hard Working Americans – The First Waltz (Melvin ’14)B PLUS (**)
Hard Working Americans – Hard Working Americans (Melvin ’14)A MINUS
Todd Snider – Agnostic Hymns and Stoner Fables (Aimless Records ‘ 12)A

Mourn – Mourn (Captured Tracks ’15)A MINUS


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