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Jason Derulo – “Platinum Hits” Review

Jason-Derulo-Platinum-HitsJASON DERULO – Platinum Hits (Warner Bros.): It’s true. Platinum hits, every one of ‘em (save for the new song), and most of ‘em pretty good. Thing is, if you like this album, you’d probably like Talk Dirty enough to buy it, since five of its twelve tracks come from there, and only one from his newest, Everything is 4. But Platinum Hits works because while you could do worse than owning all four of his studio albums, none is what I’d call essential. It’s a jumping off point, high enough to give you a good vantage point of his output, but not so inclusive as to become exhausting.

By picking up this comp you do miss out on some great songs (though not platinum ones!) like my personal Prince-esque favorite, “X2CU,” but this is a collection of popular favorites. It’s not only a decent survey of Derulo’s work, it’s what used to be called a party album—nonstop fun, a high spirits facilitator, guaranteed to keep a crowd smiling and shaking their hips, running the gamut of his dabbling with different styles: the synth pulses on “Want to Want Me,” the Balkan Beat Box gypsy horns on “Talk Dirty,” the slow beat and club whistle on “Wiggle,” the uptown funk of new addition “Kiss the Sky.”

A notable difference about Derulo as hitmaker is that, yes, he has a healthy corporal appetite, but his sexual proclivity is never predatory. The dirtiest he gets on “Talk Dirty” is telling his partner to talk dirty. He’d rather take a pic of that “big fat butt” than get his hands on it on “Wiggle.” On “The Other Side,” he’s friends with the lady for a long time before they have sex, and it’s the product of a real connection rather than a long con Derulo’s been executing to get in her pants. He may be short on insights (protip: if you need a laugh, pretend any question Derulo poses is a philosophical conundrum; ex: “How’d you get all that in them jeans?”), but he’s bursting with heart. Nonstop fun. High spirits. You could do a lot worse. A MINUS


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