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Perfecto! – “You Can’t Run from the Rhythm” Review

PrintPERFECTO! – You Can’t Run from the Rhythm (Joyful Noise EP ’15): Yet another chapter in the great Kenny Dennis story, You Can’t Run from the Rhythm is a novelty item akin to Tha Grimm Teachaz’s There’s a Situation on the Home Front and the sole album from fictional Kenny Dennis (aka Serengeti, real name David Cohn) and Ders (Workaholics’ Anders Holm) collaboration Perfecto! mentioned in an interlude on Kenny Dennis III. The story goes that Kenny Dennis, infamous O’Doul’s enthusiast and hot-tempered Chicagoan, approached his friend Ders one day after hearing some beats on Craigslist. He concocts the idea to start a hip-hop duo called Perfecto! that would get its start performing in malls while wearing bright biker shorts. Yes, it’s as strange as you think.

Like There’s a Situation on the Home Front, You Can’t Run from the Rhythm pokes fun at a supposed golden age of hip-hop. Lead single “Giorgio,” with its less-than-enthusiastic lady dancers, random splashes of inspirational phrases like “Chase Your Dreams,” and our windbreaker-clad and bandana-donning heroes, looks like it was edited by Super Deluxe’s Vic Berger. And it follows that pattern for four of its five tracks: crazy cheesy 90s beats, obnoxious overdubs, and lyrics bouncing between demands to get on the dance floor and racial harmony. It’s intentionally ridiculous, and as off-putting as it is at first, it manages to come full circle and actually be good.

Finally, the album introduces DJ Rafal (you can reach him at, the pivotal figure whose beats helped facilitate the formation of Perfecto! Who recounts how he came to be Kenny Dennis’s DJ in a seventeen-minute, spoken-word story. Rafal was an office worker tasked with preparing a warehouse for the Y2K bug, and since he had little to do, he started writing a novel called The Labrador. He worked on it for over nine years, writing 9,762 pages before an ambitious co-worker exposed him to upper management as the scoundrel responsible for exorbitant office supplies expenditures. Rafal loses his job, is sued for back salary, and becomes something of a media phenomenon that causes protests across the country. Desperate for money, he eventually tried selling beats on Craigslist, and lo and behold, our dear Kenny Dennis messaged him, and the rest is history. It’s not an album for everybody. It’s not even for most people. But if you’ve enjoyed chronicling Kenny’s adventures thus far and are down with the ever-expanding joke, satisfaction is guaranteed. B PLUS (***)


Yoni & Geti – Testarossa (Joyful Noise ’16): A MINUS
Serengeti – Kenny Dennis III (Joyful Noise ’14): A MINUS
Serengeti – C.A.B. (Anticon EP ’13): B PLUS (*)
Serengeti – Kenny Dennis LP (Anticon ’13): A MINUS
Serengeti – Saal (Graveface ’13): A MINUS
Serengeti – Kenny Dennis EP (Anticon EP ’12): A MINUS
Serengeti – C.A.R. (Anticon EP ’12): A MINUS
Tha Grimm Teachaz – There’s a Situation on the Homefront (Breakfast ’11): A MINUS


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