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Colleen Green, Low Cut Connie, and Parquet Courts – Reviews

colleen green epCOLLEEN GREEN – Colleen Green (Hardly Art EP): It’s very important to Colleen Green that you know she is Very Cool. It’s also important you know that she is such an admirer of the Ramones that she’s totally comfortable coming within inches of ripping them off entirely: compare “U Could Been an A” and “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend,” or more obviously “Cold Shoulder” and “Blitzkrieg Bop.” It’s not a problem; like the Ramones her tunes are good one after the other, and like the Ramones, she’s reserved vocally and instrumentally—the Ramones were, after all, fairly sedated compared with loudmouthed contemporaries the Clash and the Sex Pistols, and their instrumentation was blunt and monotonous, beating on the brat with those basslines and guitar licks. Though if you wanted short and catchy with beautifully brainless lyrics about playing at the beach, you could always just reach for the Ramones. They’re funnier, anyway. (“Green My Eyes”B PLUS (***)

low cut connie audiotreeLOW CUT CONNIE – Low Cut Connie on Audiotree Live (Audiotree Music EP): Fiery live five-song set from the boogie boys that pulls a few of their better songs from 2015’s Hi Honey (“Me N Annie,” “Back in School,” “Both My Knees”), one from their debut (“Right Here”), and one from their sophomore (“Boozophilia”), all of which proves they can match—even exceed—the irresistible toe-tapping tracks they lay down in the studio. No glitz, no glamour; just rockin’, booze and blooze and all. (“Me N Annie”) B PLUS (**)

parquet courts performing human epPARQUET COURTS – Performing Human (Rough Trade EP): I wonder how much of this near-worthless EP was something Andrew Savage actively fought to have released or just signed off on because they don’t have any other material on the backburner ripe for release. Sure, I enjoy this well enough, but I also enjoy Monastic Living, and I enjoy it actively, so ask yourself whether an alternate mix and two so-so remixes of “Human Performance” are worth having for anything else other than completist purposes. The Eaters version is an experiment which answers what Parquet Courts might have sounded like had they chosen to be a Gary Numan cover band, if that question ever popped into your head. (“Performing Human [Eaters Mix]”) B PLUS (*)


Colleen Green – I Want to Grow Up (Hardly Art ’15)LEMON

Low Cut Connie – Hi Honey (Ardent Music ’15)A MINUS

Parquet Courts – Human Performance (Rough Trade ’16)A
Parquet Courts – Monastic Living (Rough Trade ’15)A MINUS
Parquet Courts – Live at Third Man Records (Third Man ’15)B PLUS (***)
Parquet Courts – Content Nausea (What’s Your Rupture? ’14)A
Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animal (What’s Your Rupture? ’14)A
Parquet Courts – Tally All the Things That You Broke (What’s Your Rupture? EP ’13)A MINUS
Parquet Courts – Light Up Gold (Dull Tools/What’s Your Rupture? ’13)A MINUS
Parquet Courts – American Specialties (Play Pinball! ’11)A MINUS


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