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Tim Heidecker cucks it up with a jab at the alt-right

Comedian Tim Heidecker is no stranger to the weirdness of the American right. When he’s not handing out kitchen tips or running around his office with a Go Pro, he’s cultivating a right-wing alter ego in his Kaufman-esque standup sets and on his brilliant Adult Swim series On Cinema at the Cinema. That right-winger is a fictional version of Heidecker. He gives an Ayn Randian sixty-second soapbox speech denouncing higher taxes. His impersonation of Barack Obama includes choice phrases such as “I’ll make sure you get abortions whenever I tell you to.” He created a James Bond-like character of himself named Decker that thinks the world is an action film. Most recently, Heidecker’s fictional version of himself formally endorsed Trump on the season 8 premiere of On Cinema, wherein he fumbled his way through a list of reasons the real estate mogul would make a perfect leader of the free world.

But on Twitter and IRL, Heidecker has dropped his character from time to time to make fun of the alt-right directly. He interrupted a live Infowars broadcast at the RNC of a ‘reporter’ sputtering about ‘mass distraction,’ getting in the face of the camera and doing his best Alex Jones impression (which is actually pretty fucking good), and he’s posted notes like this to his Twitter account admitting to embarrassing circumstances that demonstrate his own cuckery.

Heidecker’s unique brand of trolling of the American right includes collaborating frequently with editor Vic Berger (who worked with Heidecker on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!), a genius in his own right who has spent the election cycle cutting and pasting footage from political rallies and debates to highlight the supremely awkward moments littered throughout:

Heidecker and Berger actually tricked the Jeb Bush campaign into thinking Berger was a mentally handicapped man whom the Bush camp egged on to get a tattoo. Here Berger plays Garfunkel to Heidecker’s Simon in a slightly different (okay, really different) rendition of “I am a Rock,” retitled “I am a Cuck.”

“I am gay, and I voted for Obama,” the song begins, before doling out every conceivable stereotype of liberals that exists: “I have no love of country,” Heidecker sings, “white folks are all bad.” He’s a “fag” for wanting “blacks to live among us / And for Arabs to have equal rights.” Most importantly, he’s “a pussy who gets fucked right up the ass.” I’m not really one for song parodies, but Heidecker covering the Simon and Garfunkel songbook with some Berger-produced music videos mocking the stupidity of Trump-lovers is something I could get behind.


Music from The Comedy, A Film By Rick Alverson (Jagjaguwar ’12)B PLUS
Paradoxically Ironic: The Comedy by Rick Alverson


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