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Tim Heidecker, Modern Baseball, and Mount Moriah: Reviews

tim-heidecker-in-glendaleTIM HEIDECKER – In Glendale (Rado/Jagjaguwar): Joke’s that his impersonation of a soft-cock yacht-rock schlub regaling you with banal stories of working from home hungover or cleaning up dogshit lures you into such a false sense of security that the ending of a tune like “I Saw Nicolas Cage,” wherein Heidecker’s persona sees Nicolas Cage, comes as a shock when he casually announces that a car in front of him on the highway flipped over the railing and killed four children. Same goes for the undeservedly upbeat (and short) one where he’s not quite sure why he decapitated his honey and buried her head under the Hollywood sign. It’s his commitment to character (like in On Cinema at the Cinema) and not absurdity on the face of it (like Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!) that makes it work. And like any good comedian he keeps you wanting more: it’s only 31:45. B PLUS (***)

modern-baseball-holy-ghostMODERN BASEBALL – Holy Ghost (Run for Cover): That particular kind of indie rock where the guitar hits the gas and eventually loops into a sort-of riff if it’s not just chord-chord-chord and the words just flow out of the singer’s mouth in an avalanche of run-on sentences that don’t need to conform to conventional line breaks and employ rhyme as an afterthought sometimes maybe with unnecessary detail attached to sentimental lines as if to suggest the one has something to do with the other like cigarette butts in a Solo cup sitting in a crust-only leftover pizza box when we watched the sunrise hungover and I realized I really liked you and you said something derp derp derp. B PLUS (*)

mount-moriah-how-to-danceMOUNT MORIAH – How to Dance (Merge): These ladies are too worldly to be a distinctly Southern band, yet the influence of the region’s Allman Brothers twang and fondness for mountain trails and fishing tales is too strong for them to shake. So they transmute that Southern angst of longing to escape not into hard-rocking, liquor-guzzling stories of backwoods life and the fantasy of escape, but slow-burning ballads of adult contemporary alt-country for people unsure whether they’d like adult contemporary alt-country, which is to say you’d have a hard time finding any nominally normal person to object to it. You probably wouldn’t mind them opening for Drive-By Truckers. B PLUS (*)


Tim Heidecker cucks it up with a jab at the alt-right
Paradoxically Ironic: “The Comedy” by Rick Alverson

Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss It All (Run for Cover ’14): B PLUS (***)

Mount Moriah – Miracle Temple (Merge ’13)B PLUS (**)


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