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Hiccup are your punks next door


Lots of punk bands sometimes feel the need to throw in the occasional slow number. Few ever floor it like the Ramones and pump out a never-ending barrage of blitzkrieg bops. Hiccup do. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, bassist/vocalist Hallie Bulleit, guitarist/vocalist Alex Knudson, and drummer Piyal Basu are a pop-punk trio with an affinity for crafting quick, loud, dirty riffs.

I was fortunate enough to catch Hiccup last night at the Pinhook in Durham, NC. I was there to see the eminent Allison Crutchfield (Swearin’, P.S. Eliot) debut some new songs from her forthcoming record. But Hiccup caught me off-guard after the first opener (Emilyn Brodsky) with a quick succession of fast and unrefined bursts of energy that roared like a jet engine for the too-brief time they were onstage. They’re dynamic and different: Knudson stands still with his hair over his eyes in classic skinny jean indie fashion. Bulleit hops around with her bass while her ponytail flops from headbanging. Basu challenges you not to fist pump to his lightning rhythm. Together they’re an incredible act you should be so lucky to have visit your town.

At the moment they have extremely limited content available to hear. Just three tracks on their Bandcamp page (of which, while all good, “Fuckup” is the best representative of their talent, and even that’s crazy tame compared to what they’re capable of), two of which you can purchase on this nifty cassette I picked up at the gig. No one ever wants to jump on the hype train too soon, but they’re someone to keep an eye on. Their debut full-length drops sometime (hopefully early) next year on Father/Daughter Records. Here’s hoping the twelve songs they drop hit the gas and never let up.



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