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Sleaford Mods – “Key Markets” Review

sleaford-mods-key-marketsSLEAFORD MODS – Key Markets (Harbinger Sound ’15): The inattentive listener will think vocalist Jason Williamson’s blistering invective and Andrew Fearn’s five-second drum ‘n bass loops are anger directed at everything. That misses the more important and most obvious point: the anger is aimed at everything that’s a product of an inescapable class system which Williamson will forever refuse to get over. On labor: “Still some out there who believe in the lie of work til you die.” On society: “You’re trapped, me too / Alienation, no one’s bothered.” On weekend patriots: “You pretend to be proud of ya own culture / Whilst simultaneously not giving two fucks about ya own culture.” On politicians: “The chirping cunt obviously wants the country in tatters.” The vapid celebrity, working-class apathy, manipulated anger, amnesia of voters aided by media, gradual disintegration of institutions aimed at helping the more vulnerable. But unlike a Bruce Springsteen, Williamson isn’t completely comfortable being a spokesman for the working poor, because as much as he is (was?) one, he’s pissed at them for not helping themselves as much as they could: “In our failure to grab hold of what fucking little we have left / We have lost the sight and in the loss of sight / We have lost our fucking minds, alright.” Questions? A MINUS


Sleaford Mods – TCR (Rough Trade EP ’16): B PLUS (***)


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