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Allison Crutchfield – “Tourist in This Town” Review

allison-crutchfieldALLISON CRUTCHFIELD – Tourist in This Town (Merge): P.S. Eliot dealt with their uncomfortableness with youth in a spunky punk, Swearin’ channeled the energy emanating from her romance with guitarist and fellow bandmate Kyle Gilbride through the same aesthetic, and her solo EP Lean in to It showcased her own shy romantic fantasies and frustrations in quiet Casio workouts. Tourist in This Town deals with the same issues—naïve love, heartbreak, that sensation of drifting through a lost summer—but in a more forward-looking manner than the retrospective spectacles her other outfits wore. It sounds like Allison Crutchfield’s striking out in a new world, watching her old problems on the tarmac as her plane bound for the other side of the ocean to make her an “Expatriate” takes off. And she seems now more than ever to be leaning toward the pop side of the punk-pop equation, jettisoning the simplicity of the lo-fi pluckiness that gave P.S. Eliot and, to a lesser extent, Swearin’ their own spin on an otherwise monotonous indie avenue. Her sound is fuller than ever though her band is no bigger: A chorus of vocal ‘ooohs’ back her up on the opener, her prominent keyboard sinisterly buzzes and alternately swoons. Yet while that sound is fuller she’s never sounded emptier. One has to wonder what these songs might have been had sister Katie or ex-boyfriend Gilbride had helped bring them to fruition. B PLUS (*)


P.S. Eliot – 2007-2011 (Don Giovanni ’16): A MINUS
Allison Crutchfield – Lean in to It (Stupid Bag ’14): B PLUS (**)
Swearin’ – Surfing Strange (Salinas ’13): B PLUS (**)


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