Creedence Clearwater Revival – “More Creedence Gold”

ccr more creedence goldCREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL – More Creedence Gold (Fantasy ’73): The problem with compilations by great bands is that the studio albums from which the comp tracks are pulled are so often worth owning on their own, making the vinyl the comps are stamped on obsolete before they’re pressed. And CCR cut five of the best 60s LPs in a little over two years, so good luck assembling an adequate setlist in the ~50 minutes a record allows if you’re not compiling a double album. This is only worth owning in conjunction with its predecessor (Creedence Gold, which with its eight cuts would be a perfect album if you knew nothing of CCR’s other classics like “Fortunate Son” or “Run Through the Jungle”), so those in search of a quick fix of real Creedence gold are directed to 1976’s Chronicle, Vol. 1, which features 20 songs—all of the great ones and a few more that aren’t bad—and is the definitive Creedence best-of. Or, you know, you could just buy the studio albums. B PLUS


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